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About Botanicascent

Botanicascent® skin and hair care products were inspired by our desire to create an environment that is healthier and safer for everybody to live in. We also put in our utmost effort in promoting sustainable living within our community.

I hope that our products, which are passionately made, will bring you joy when they can give you the results that you are looking for without compromising your health or hurting the environment that you are living in. We ensure that each of our individual products will be made passionately and infused with the best from the nature.

At Botanicascent®, our products are made using the finest ingredients available to ensure the highest quality of skin and hair care products are produced for our customers. Selectively using nature's best oils, butters, herbs, essential oils and the best natural ingredients available to us, hoping to offer distinctive skin and hair care products that people can appreciate and benefit from using them.

We have carefully selected a few brands selling at our on-line store as well, in order to give our customers a splendour range of choices. This brands that are selected accordingly to our strict selecting criteria, they also have to keep up to the latest fashionable market trend. These products need to be close to natural, cruelty free and do not contain harsh chemicals, phthalates, harmful synthetic oils or artificial bi-products. We also strongly do not believe in using fillers such as artificial waxes or petrochemicals.

At Botanicascent® on-line store, we strive to bring you the best quality body care and hair care products that we can offer.